About Us

About Us

The Bermuda National Sports Centre

is Bermuda’s premier venue for sporting, recreation and entertainment activities and events. We encourage a life course approach to participation in sport. We support a four-pronged pathway to encourging, nurturing and fostering sport participation:

Move > Develop & Train > Compete > Excel

  1. Move focuses on entry level and general participation, encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle and introduction to physical literacy and skill acquisition. We promote use of the Aquatics Facility and Tracks. 
  2. Develop & Train focuses on nurturing the development of skills, concentration on participation, training and national competition.
  3. Compete focuses on training and local competition for elite and high performance sport. Our objective is to enhance the training experience and help to position athletes, coaches and officials for international competition, both at home and abroad. We know Bermudians are geograhically disadvantaged, making it hard to access high calibre international training and competition hubs in Canada, the US and Europe. Our objective is to bridge that gap with provision of world class training and competition venues - right here in Bermuda!
  4. Excel focuses on high performance competition and training. We hope to attract internationals to both train and compete here.  Catering, hotel discounts, and transportation can be arranged. Many of Bermuda's national calibre athletes train out of the NSC or come home to train and compete from abroad. The NSC offers international sports organizations an excellent warm weather training environment. 

The Bermuda National Sports Centre has played home to Bermuda’s national football, field hockey, cricket, rugby and swim teams and is recognized by FIFA, IAAF, ICC, FINA, and FIH international sporting bodies as an official competition venue.

The Bermuda National Sports Centre is the centralized, highest calibre hub-style sports complex in Bermuda. Approximately 25 acres, the NSC is centrally located in the Parish of Devonshire - a mere 5 minutes from the City of Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital. The site boasts stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Bermuda's northern shores, creating an attractive backdrop to events hosted at the site.


Management & Board

The annual budget provides focus on service, maintenance and other initiatives, which coincide with the business plan endorsed by the Board. The Board is actively creating a rolling 3.5 year strategic plan entitled Vision 2020. Two of our key stretch goals are to host another major international multi sport competition prior to 2020 as well as helping to develop the next generation Bermudian athlete who may compete in the 2020 Olympic Games.

The Mission of the NSC, as endorsed by the Board of Trustees, is as follows:

- To be a community and nation builder through a concentrated focus on sport, entertainment and recreation

- To provide Bermudians with support for and encouragement of developmental through high performance sport

- To promote and facilitate active living, health and wellness programs and services


2014/2015 Board of Trustees:

    Sean Tucker, Chairman

    Stanley Lee, Deputy Chairman

    Marshall Minors, Board Member

    Bryan Dowling, Board Member

    Jon Beard, Board Member

    Anthony Francis, Board Member

    Kirsten Beasley, Board Member

    Norbert Simons, Ex-Officio Board Member

Management Team

Trevor Madeiros
Facilities Manager

Amy Fox
Aquatics & Fitness Manager

Craig Tyrrell
Operations Manager