400m Track

Why is NSC introducing fees for use of the track?

The NSC has historically absorbed the on-going costs for maintenance of both the track and grandstands. The cost for maintaining the Centre have risen over the course of time and NSC must now secure funds for maintaining the asset in world class standard as expected by the population of Bermuda.

The track has been the only facility asset operated by NSC without any fees for regular ongoing use. This is not consistent, fair or equitable with any other facility asset operated by NSC. It is only reasonable all facility users share the financial responsibility for maintaining the Centre through payment of fees.

Why introduce fees now?

Costs have been escalating and are expected to continue to do so in the future. It is deemed prudent to introduce the fees now at an appropriate level rather than wait until higher fees would be forced on users or worse requiring NSC to cut back service provision

The track is getting more extensive use and requiring more time designated for cleaning and maintenance.

The replacement costs for the track are forecasted to be in excess of $650,000. If NSC through its users’ contributions can invest in more maintenance this will assist with delaying replacement.


When will the fees go into effect?

The date selected is Monday January 27th 2014

Does the introduction of fees have anything to do with opening of the new aquatics centre?

No, the Aquatics Centre has its own departmental budget and is tracking according to plan

The pool actually opened in May and is achieving its aims

The timing has more to do with reassessment of the business model and realizing it was unsustainable without charging users for the privilege of using a multimillion dollar sports asset.

The track is the only good quality track facility in Bermuda. Might this not restrict others from using and penalize track clubs for wanting to use the track?

The same argument can be made by field hockey who have been paying for using the field hockey turf for years. The asset requires maintenance; the Centre requires revenue to provide service and support inclusive of provision of bathrooms, painting, parking and site cleaning.

The fees are intentionally designed as low cost to ensure the burden isn’t too great. Various funding methods are available to pay for the fees

It is not our desire to restrict access for those in financial need. The NSC is offering complimentary passes to a variety of organizations who in turn may distribute the passes to those in need or who would benefit from exercise due to health concerns. The organizations envisioned are: Heart and Stroke, the Family Centre, and Diabetes Association.

Will everyone pay for use?

Everyone will pay for the privilege of using the facility. This includes clubs, casual users, personal trainers and those working out with trainers or in programs.


Are there times when the public will NOT have to pay?

Yes. Whenever the NSC main control and Reception offices are not open no fees will be required. Currently these times are: Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, early morning prior to 8 AM Monday thru Friday and after 7 pm Monday thru Friday. Times may change.

What are the public and personal trainer fees?

The cost for an individual adult to use the track will be $8 per visit; multiple visit cards and monthly passes will be available at lower per visit costs.

Costs for youth and seniors will be slated at $5 per visit while children will be assessed $2.

Trainers are charged separately for each individual customer working out with the trainer.

Multi packs 10 session cards are available at discounted rates as are monthly passes

Schools will assessed the same rate as sanctioned track clubs for use of the track

Special events and light charges for events and rentals will be additional to identified fees


What happens if an individual, or a trainer refuses to pay?

The party will receive communications that the site is operated by NSC and that the expectation is for all to follow site rules and regulations. Fee payments are an expectation.

Failure to pay will result in a request to leave the premises. Continued refusal to either leave or pay may result in escalated action including banning access or charges of trespass.

Where do I pay?

At present the check-in area will be the customer service hub at the Aquatics Centre.

Designated NSC staff clearly identified as personnel of NSC may also patrol the site and collect fees. All people paying money to a staff member will receive an official receipt and entry slip allowing entry for either that day or longer period of time

Isn’t the fee payment location rather inconvenient?

We agree this is not the most ideal location but at the moment until such time as we can design other control points into the facility this area will serve as the primary entry for individuals using the track, stadium and concourse for athletic purposes

Track athletes registered with BNAA attending a scheduled BNAA sanctioned training session will be able to enter the track through the main walk way leading in from the Roberts Avenue parking lot.

How will you determine if a person has paid?

Personal trainers and individuals will also be issued cards allowing access. The day or # of sessions will be clearly identified.